Site choice
Lucien Morin Park is located on the north side of Ellison Park and continues to Irondequoit Bay. It’s a 348 Acre park with Irondequoit creek passing by. In winters, it’s a place for hikers and cyclist for light adventure trails. following are the basic activities which happen around the year :
1. Hiking
2. Relaxing and enjoying nature
3. Photography
4. Adventure
5. Cycling 
6. Dog walking
7. Bird watching
8. Boating 
Sun and wind direction
 Although we never touch architectural design before, we believe that design is always about the relationships among people, things, and the environment. Our structure would be a bridge that, support and enhance people’s experience with nature.
Based on our research, we start our design with these three aspects and the relationships among them.
Redefined brief 
To have a warming hut as an extended part of the trail. Which connects the user to the creek and enhances the experience of the hiking at the same time providing the comfort. 
As people walk towards the river coming from the hill they will pass by the marshes and go towards the shelter. Their experience will keep changing with the view.
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